2016 Year in Review Prints

I’ve picked out and made final adjustments to aaaalmost all of the prints I’ll be making for the 2016 Year-in-Review series for my wall.

Two white little lies in there. First, I’m not actually making the prints, I’m having the local shop make them for me, trusting my photographs to their expert processing. And second, the set actually includes photos from 2015, but my selection for 2016 is limited. In the future, I’ll pick from the year that I’m reviewing.

Some of these photos, too, are not from Alaska; the set includes several shots from the Columbus Zoo, which I visited earlier this year on a vacation-after-business-trip trip. Even so, seven of the eleven selected so far were at least shot in Alaska.

Yes, eleven. I’ll hunt for one more for December, but December isn’t over yet! Although, this year, these are my¬†personal picks. For 2017, I might be pickier.

Heh heh. See what I did there?

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