Angel Rocks, Chena State Recreation Area

A couple of weekends ago, I finally got out on the Angel Rocks trail out in the Chena State Recreation Area, some 40-50 miles from Fairbanks, depending on how you measure.  It’s a relatively short loop, be it turned into an all-day hike, climbing on the Tors to enjoy the views.

This is the most prominent Tor in on the trail, but not the highest. It’s certainly a challenge to climb. I did try.  Tors are large outcrops of granite left over after the terrain around them has worn away.


The view down over the Chena River and into the Angel Creek Drainage–the valley across the way. Later this year, I’ll be hiking the 30-mile trail that follows the ridge circling that valley.


A neat view off from under an overhang.


The Chena River drainage, looking downstream to the west, back toward Fairbanks.


Another view down the mountainside toward the river.

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